This is a true adventure where we will be travelling and photographing of the beaten track and places tourists don’t often visit. The people in these remote locations are super friendly and having done this trip on two previous occasions I can assure you the photographic trip of a lifetime. We will meet in Yangon photographing for the day and then taking a small plane to Myiek where will stay for a few days before making our way back on a people carrier to Yangon stopping of at Dawei, Ye and Mawlamyine each for a couple of days.

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Day 1 Yangon Fish market and town
Day 2 Take Internal Flight to Myiek. Walk around Myiek
Day 3 Early morning start photographing life in Myiek
Day 4 Travel to Dawei
Day 5 Visit the beach at Dawei
Day 6 Dawei Market and train station
Day 7 Travel to Ye
Day 8 Photograph around Ye
Day 9 Travel by boat up river Ye
Day 10 Travel to Mawlamyine
Day 11 Maylamyine
Day 12 Travel back to Yangon

Why go there?

It’s an adventure of a life time visiting towns that very few Europeans visit and you will not only share a great experience with fellow like minded photographers but come away with an amazing set of pictures and a through knowledge of street and travel photography.

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  • All your internal travel with the exception of flights
  • Full access to all of my work flow, tips on shooting and a regular critique of your images taken on the course
  • Organisation of the best locations to ensure you maximise your time and know where to go to get great images

I’ll be with you every step of the way and shoot with everyone on an individual basis as often as allows.

I’ll point out great shots when were together and help you with getting close to the action and overcoming fears about approaching strangers. We will be capturing day to day street life, where people are not posing for the camera, learning to be aware of the background, situation/context and environment to create complex and interesting pictures. I cover techniques including; layering and micro-composition, and introduce compositional elements that will add depth and detail to take your photography to another level

You’ll come away with a great understanding of street photography and the elements that make up a great street picture.

All the workshops are small a max of 5 people ensuring I get to maximise my time with everyone on the adventure. Every day we split into small groups ( normally 2 ) and meet up regularly each day so I can mix up the groupings and ensure everyone gets a fair share of my time.

We stay in small local hotels close to where we want to photograph. We spend breakfast and evening meals together which normally means we come away having made some great new friends and each evening we sit down together and I review your work ensuring that each day your photography is going to another level.
Please get in touch if you would like to know any further information or detail about the trip. I’d highly recommend arriving at least a day or two prior to the course to get over potential Jet lag and to ensure your fresh and ready.

You & Mark Seymour

My passion is photography, Im never without a camera! It’s all about capturing people, emotions, moments in time and making memories. Travel allows me to connect with the world, and experience the culture and daily life of the people I visit. My workshops give me the opportunity to share my inspiration for travel photography. Why not join me on an adventure and explore the world with your camera.

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