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About Istanbul

Istanbul formally known as Constantinople is one of the greatest cities in the world for Istanbul street photography where you can see both a modern western city combined with traditional eastern culture, It is the only place in the world that straddles the two continents of Europe and Asia. The Grand Bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world with over 3000 shops

We made our base just of Istiklal street ,and whilst not the quietest location for access to Taksim square its was unbeatable as we were in the action after just a couple of minutes walk.

Istanbul is one of my favourite street photography locations in the world due to its diverse life , colourful streets and extremely friendly people.

Taksim square and Istaklal street photography are great locations, extrremley busy pretty much 24/7, have said that its quite challenging to get good street photographs unless you select a few great backgrounds and then wait for people to enter that space giving you both a good composition and a great background. I find this to be one of the toughest lessons that its better to choose a great location and wait rather than sometimes keep chasing new locations.  Taksim Square,  is really popularlocation with lots of shops, bars and restaurants.  The main avenue running through it is a pedestrian only avenue called Istikla and it’s a great location for Street Photography

Over The Galata bridge  and into Eminou are both great locations for the street photographer with fishermen lined up across the bridge with their rods waiting for bites whilst Eminou a busy place with boats coming and going all dcay and evening and people going about their daily tasks giving ample opportunity for the street photographer.

Moving on to the Spice bazzar and The old bazzar, whilst still great places to capture life they tend to be similar to the Blue mosque I that they are places virtually every tourist visits whilst in Istanbul. I prefer to spend time in Balat and Eyup as they are more of the beaten track and you will see far less tourists in these areas.

Eyup has one of the oldest mosques in Istanbul and here your find life a lot slower with many traditional folk. I can quite easily spend a day here as the movement of people as prayer time approaches swells . Don’t be afraid to venture inside the mosque where although it says no photography people don’t tend to mind as long as you are respectful.

Another favourite area is Balat, totally different from other locations its where traditional meets the young and trendy with countless coffee shops and bars all independently owned and each with their own unique character. Wander the streets going into old coffee shops , people watching and older establishments with local characters playing dominoes and cards.



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