Travel Photography Tips

These are all of the things that I do prior and once travelling, but Id say the most important is preparation before you go

Kolkata 2018 334 Travel Photography Tips1  Thorough preparation do your homework and lots of detailed research is the first step and vitally important to ensure you get the most from your planned trip

2  Speak to locals, it gets you in places you wouldn’t have dreamt of and opens up many doors

3  Travel light, all my images were taken on a single camera with just a 35mm lens. Probably the greatest lens for the street and with a prime you just get to know the lens and its capabilities inside out. The only other stuff I take out is a small bottle of water and a spare battery, load up the camera with 128g cards and you’ll be great for the day, oh and get yourself a comfy pair of shoes or sandals if your visiting lots of temples. My fav trainers are made by Merrill and probably the comfiest sandals are a pair of Birkenstock Arizona’s

Kolkata 2018 050 Travel Photography Tips4  Stay with the moment and shoot through capturing the reactions, not just the action. My biggest lesson came a few years ago when travelling with a guy that could barely walk. He stayed in one chosen location for several hours at a time but boy at the end of the day did he have some cracking images.

TOP Travel Photography tips

5 L earn to use Google maps and build up a history of where you’ve been, what look like great places when you’re engaging with others and from your research

6  Learn a few basic words in the native language. A simple Hello or thank you with a smile both buys you many brownie points and opens up new doors with locals.

7  Shoot had and Edit hard and then just show your best

Kolk Day 1 010 Travel Photography Tips8  Vary your shots. Everything gets boring if all your images are taken from the same viewpoint, take your safety shot then ask yourself how I can take this better

9  Get up early, the light is beautiful, rest in the middle of the day if you need and then shoot thru sunset and the golden hour for the best pictures

10  Go with a group and critique each other’s work daily we all love a pat on the back and lots of likes but the best way to improve is constructive feedback amongst each other.


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