How many participants can I expect on each course
A maximum of seven on each course although in most cases its normally five.

Travel and accommodation
Mark will advise the best airport to travel into. Where you should make your way to the hotel where I recommend booking a taxi inside the airport. I always use local hotels and home-stays and will advise these once the course is 75% booked. Local travel where car hire is required is shared equally between all participants.

Whats included in the cost
I will be with you from early morning and finish off each day with us all having dinner in together with regular critique’s of your work along with my expertise, experience, and photographic knowledge, understanding and research on the workshop locations, my passion and enthusiasm for photography.
 As a general rule – the fee covers the knowledge and research I provide prior to the departure and the teaching, training and guidance on the workshop itself.

What’s not included
Flights, accommodation, food, drink, insurance visa and travel to and from the airport. 
We can help with all of the above with our research and on all our workshops we provide detailed information of where Mark Seymour will be staying as ist is very convenient to stay in the same hotel altogether and often creates a more sociable environment for the course.

Are all workshops and adventures guaranteed to run
I always wait for the minimum number to be reached make the course viable. You will be informed when this happens so you can then go ahead and book your flights etc.

What happens if the adventure does not go ahead
You will be notified around 4/8 weeks before where you will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to book another workshop.

What gear do I need to bring
I’ll e.mail you a list but normally I would advise a 35mm fixed lens or a short zoom, spare batteries and plenty of spare memory for your camera. Travel as light as you can as they can be long days out walking and photographing.

Can I arrange my own accommodation
I normally recommend we all stay in the same hotel however if you would like something different Im happy for you to arrange this but would ask that’s its very near the recommended hotel so you can still be a part of the experience.

Booking a course
All the adventures and courses should be booked through the web site, it just means we have a great record of everyone who is coming.

All initial deposits are non refundable and not transferable unless the course is cancelled.

Final balances
You will be contacted 4/10 weeks prior to the course for the balance.

How much experience should I have
For the travel photography workshops and adventures you are most welcome as a relative beginner. We have a mixture of people attending all courses from seasoned pro’s to keen amateurs. You should have a good knowledge of your camera.

Is their a lot of walking involved
Its course dependant so please talk to us but its street photography so by the very nature we will be walking around looking for great images.We always take regular breaks to keep ourselves fresh.

What preparation can I do before coming on a course

  1. Make sure your camera is in good working order,Its always worth bringing a second body and spare lens along with a couple of spare camera batteries.
  2. Get a pair of good comfy walking shoes or trainers, I use Merril walking trainers and a good pair of sandals if you are going to a place with a lot of temples. I use Birkenstocks
  3. Ensure you have enough time left on your passport
  4. Apply for the relevant visa for the country you are visiting
  5. Get a travel adapter, a 4 way mains extension lead and a USB plug bank.
  6. Get some good travel and camera gear insurance.
  7. Bring a spare smartphone for a local sim card and pre load it with google maps and what’s app
  8. Make sure your computer is loaded with a program like Lightroom or similar so you can download and view the images easily.
  9. Bring spare USB leads , your battery chargers and phone charging lead

Do you offer bespoke courses
Yes of course , Im available to fly or travel anywhere in world and work with you on either a 1to1 basis or with a small group of friends with a common interest. Please get in touch with your ideas.

Are there any additional costs
Every day you will be responsible for your own food and drinks. Generally we eat at small local places. if we arrange taxis and internal travel these costs are shared equally between the delegates.

Is this workshop tax-deductible
If you have a photography-related business
 all we can say in answer to this is ‘possibly’. We know many professional photographers who see our workshops as a fantastic opportunity to invest in themselves and learn more about the craft of photography and therefore investing in their business. However, we would suggest that you speak to a qualified accountant to ensure that what we offer may be tax-deductible for you or your business.

What can I expect upon my arrival
Usually I meet you on your arrival at the hotel or sometimes at the airport depending on our workshop destination. After checking into the hotel the group meet to review the week’s itinerary, enjoy some food/drink and answer any questions. On the first day, I normally go thru a short presentation talking about street photography and what we should be looking for.

NOTE: Many people chose to arrive a day or so earlier to ensure they adjust to the time zone and allow for delays and connections.

Do I get to meet other participants prior to the course.
Each workshop has it’s own Facebook group where participants can get to know each other prior to the workshop and share information and images with each other during and after the workshop. This in itself is often a very fun aspect of being part of the Shoot The Street ‘family’, as it helps cement the great relationships that people form by being part of one of Shoot The Street workshops.
Visit our testimonials to hear from participants who have come on several workshops because of the great experience they’ve had.
I also run a Face book page where we would love to see your street photography pictures posted from both the course along with any other street photography that you capture.

Whats the difference between a course and an adventure.
Courses are trips which have been completed before by myself and its a known trip going to previously reccied locations whereas I often go on adventures to new and exciting locations. I still do lots of research and generally arrive several days before to make contacts with relevant local people. These adventures are exciting in the fact that we are going to new and different locations for the first time.