Street photography up close and candid

Photo walks around the local streets will get you up close with the hustle and bustle of daily life, no long lenses, just candid, real photography, which can be full on and fast paced – bring your walking shoes!

Travel photography off the beaten track

You will have an adventure; be ready to explore off the beaten track of the tourist trail and be immersed in the life and culture of the locality.
This is travel photography that focuses on real-life; on people and the context of the place we are photographing, rather than looking for stunning locations and landscapes, so join me for an experience of a lifetime.

Reportage keeping it real

Using the techniques we will develop over the workshops you will have a set of images that create a photo story of your journey, editing the reality like an article for National Geographic.

Environmental portraits

Photographing people is my passion, capturing characters in their environment tells their unique story. We will visit markets and railways stations, photograph people as they work and go about their daily chores.

Learning about different techniques

I will demonstrate some key techniques that will take your photography to the next level, and then work closely with you on a daily basis to put these techniques into practice.

Shooting through and changing angles

I will encourage you to find different angles to shoot from, changing your viewpoint by getting up high or low, or finding objects to shoot through will add anew dimension to your photography. Developing your ability to micro compose, moving yourself/your camera to enhance the image information of the lens will ensure you have more great images to pick from at the end of the day.

Looking for reflections

A simple technique but once you tune your eye into looking for reflections you will make good use of them to enhance your images; mirrors, water, not just single but multiple reflections within one image.

Telling the story with layers

One of the most complex techniques we will develop starting simply and then extending to complex photographs with several layers, each adding detail and drawing your eye through the picture.

Creating frames and bookends

When you look at a photograph you don’t want to ‘escape’ from it so using people and objects as bookends and frames will hold your audience’s attention in a single composition.

It’s all in the detail

As part of your documentary photo story you want images that set the scene, capture the characters and tell the story, these are enriched when you focus in on some of the unique details.

Celebrating colour

Although I am known for my high contrast black and white editing, I am equally inspired by colour; looking for broad brush strokes of colour in the environment to run through an image or a juxtaposition of colour that creates a ‘pop’.

Finding the unusual in the usual

Some photographers have this skill in abundance; it’s definitely one that I continually revisit and develop in my own photography. It’s an approach, a mindset, looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, the unusual in the usual, and you will have images that make you look and think!

What else we cover

My workshops are definitely full one, from the time we get up and have breakfast together to the time we return to our rooms in the evening; there is a great buzz as we share our interest in photography throughout the workshop. There’s a great sense of fun which is why I am so pleased to welcome back people time after time on my workshops; I love being able to share my passion and inspiration with you.

Setting the challenge

As an introduction to the workshop we will look at a range of techniques and styles, then on a daily basis there will be opportunities to challenge yourself as I choose particular locations to develop key techniques.

Edit to keep

My philosophy is shoot hard edit harder. Each day we will edit our images. I recommend you use photo mechanic and lightroom. We will edit to enhance what you captured in camera, it is not about creating a new image on your laptop.

Shared critique

Don’t be fearful this really is a positive and important part of the workshop – each evening we will critique our images together, sharing what’s working and finding elements to improve; this means every day you will be able to see your techniques developing.

Good to know

I work hard to plan workshops in places that will inspire your photography and give you an authentic experience.
I work with local family run hotels and communities to consider the ethical impact of my workshops; for example over the last five years my workshops have supported a village school in Jodhpur and a street charity in Kolkata.