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Street Photography courses around the world with National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mark Seymour

Photographing people and places on the adventure of a lifetime

Travel Photography Workshops 1
5th October 2020 – 10th October  2020          £995.00

Photography Workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam

Spend five immersive days in Hanoi, visiting local markets, Hoaem Lake and off the beaten track locations to "Shoot the Street". Hanoi is definitley a street photographers dream

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Travel Photography Workshops 2
14 October – 25th October 2020          £1595.00

Photography Workshop in Myanmar

An outstanding 12 day trip travelling from Yangon onto Myiek, Dawie, Ye and Mawlamyine, photographing local people and going off the beaten track, to places where tourists rarely visit!

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Travel Photography Workshops 3
31st October – 4th November 2020          £995.00

Bangladesh Photography Workshop in Dakar

A five day trip to Dakar in Bangladesh photographing the streets. This is a street photographers paradise as where we will be travelling on and of the beaten track and where tourists dont often venture getting you the pictures that youd like to take

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Travel Photography Workshops 4
7th November – 11th November 2020          £995.00

Photography Workshop Kolkata ,India

A five day trip to Kolkata. This will be our 7th year running herevisiting places that will get you thge best street photographs off the beaten track. Kolkata is 'Street photography on steroids ' !

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Travel Photography Workshops 5
15th November - 19th November 2020          £995.00

Photography Workshop at The Sonpur Mela Cattle Fair, Bihar, India

Sonepur Mela carnival promises colour, culture and truly unique experiences. The rural fair and nearby river present an abundance of earthy, real life photographic opportunities.

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Travel Photography Workshops 6
22nd November 2020  - 26th November 2020          £995.00

Photography Workshop at The Camel Fair, in Pushkar, India

Watch as thousands of camels converge on the tiny desert town of Pushkar, in India's state of Rajasthan, for the annual Pushkar Fair. It's a rare and unbelievable sight, and an incredible opportunity to witness and photograph a old traditional-style Indian festival.

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Travel Photography Workshops 7
30th November 2020 – 11th December 2020          £1595.00

Photography Workshop in Nagaland, India

The trip of a lifetime to visit the Hornbill Festival along with the Longhwa and Mon tribes of Nagaland. Spending time with both tribes in their natural environment, accompanied by an experienced and dedicated fixer.

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Travel Photography Workshops 8
13th December – 18th December 2020

Photography Workshop in Varanasi, India

Spend five incredible days in Varanasi photographing the people, the ghats and religious ceremonies that take place on the banks of the famous Ganges.

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Travel Photography Workshops 9
1st  April 2021 – 4th April 2021          £800

Photography Workshop in Sicily. Trapani. The Misteri Di Trapani Parade

A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness up close and personal one of the most incredible Easter parades in the world. All area's press passes provide emotive and candid photographic opportunities as far as the eye can see.

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Travel Photography Workshops 10
2nd October – 6th October 2020

Photography Workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia

Spend five amazing days in Tbilisi, photographing the old town and surrounding neighbourhoods, with cobblestone streets, local markets and traders everywhere you go. This trip is perfect for "Shooting the Street".

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