Processione de Misteri di Trapani Sicily 3 Day Workshop

Mark Seymour is a renowned documentary photography and has established himself both as a professional reportage wedding photographer and as a photo-essay street photographer. His distinct style of black and white images that capture spontaneous moments, unique characters and real emotions and brought him attention from magazines and galleries, and amongst his awards and recognitions Mark is an ambassador for Nikon UK.

Trapani Easter Festival:

The Processione dei Misteri di Trapani has been performed for over 300 years and retells the passion plays through the most elaborate floats being paraded from the church through the streets of Trapani for 16 hours. We joined them as they prepared and gathered in the church early in the morning and followed them throughout the day until nightfall. The immense effort under which the men carry the floats of Christ and Mary is clear in their faces, and the whole experience is incredibly powerful for even the non-religious visitor.

Trapani has become a source of inspiration for many street photographers, including Mark Seymour who has his own portfolio form visiting the traditional Easter celebration. You will benefit from Mark’s experience and skills as well as his insight into this event to provide you with a quality training experience and an opportunity to start building your own street photography portfolio.

This workshop will give you the perfect opening for capturing the incredible images of the traditional Sicilian Easter celebration in Trapani and to share the experience alongside other photographers with an interest in documentary and street photography.

Read Mark’s blog from this year’s photography training courses and read one of the photographers that attended the course testimonial to find out more.


For more information regarding booking this photography workshop:

Please contact Mark Seymour on either 07786 377 197 / 01628 668283 and I would be delighted to hear from you.