“Street photography on Steroids!” Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is the third most populated city in India, with an urban population 14.3 million, and believe me you absolutely feel it! A city of diverse lifestyles, with modern tower-blocks, hotels and businesses, alongside some of the oldest and most extensive areas of homelessness and communities that have built their homes in temporary accommodation alongside the city’s canals, streets and railway lines.

Markets are the life centres of Kolkata and the city’s population hurries its way via tuk tuks, cars, trams and trains; we visit some of the many different markets and the main train station to photograph daily life.

The River Hooghly runs through Kolkata, and the water is considered holy as the river forms a distributary of The Ganges, it plays an important part of everyday life of the locals; everyday chores of washing and bathing alongside religious rituals and ceremonies. We spend time with photographing life at that Ghats and in the vibrant flower market that is located near the Howrah Bridge.

One of the oldest communities are the potters of the Kurmotuli quarter, who sculpt the statues for the religious ceremonies, as well as makers of chai cups and the cotton mills, the families live and work within this area.

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Why go there?

Its busy, vibrant and full on 24 hours a day so never a dull moment ensuring youll get some amazing pictures of locals as they go about their daily tasks

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  • Full access to all of my work flow, tips on shooting and a regular critique of your images taken on the course .
  • Organisation of the best locations to ensure you maximise your time and know where to go to get great images.
  • Daily critique of your images
  • Full access to myself for all five days

Ill be with you every step of the way and shoot with everyone on an individual basis as often as allows.

Ill point out great shots when were together and help you with getting close to the action and overcoming fears about approaching strangers. We will be capturing day to day street life, where people are not posing for the camera, learning to be aware of the background, situation/context and environment to create complex and interesting pictures. I cover techniques including; layering and micro-composition, and introduce compositional elements that will add depth and detail to take your photography to another level

You’ll come away with a great understanding of street photography and the elements that make up a great street picture.

All the workshops are small a max of 5 people ensuring I get to maximise my time with everyone on the adventure. Every day we split into small groups ( normally 2 ) and meet up regularly each day so I can mix up the groupings and ensure everyone gets a fair share of my time.

We all will stay together at the family run Executive Suites, rooms will be booked as part of the course booking but payable by each attendee – please note the hotel require cash payment in local currency ( around £25 per day ). The hotel also provide home cooked breakfast and evening meal for a daily fee which is added to the total individual room bill, and can organise water, beers and laundry which will be added to your individual bill.

We have been looked after by Rupa and her family now for 5 years. It’s a great little quiet, secure and safe place with a warm friendly welcome. We recommend you land at least a day ahead of the first day of the course and fly out the day after the course ends although you can stay or arrive earlier if you would like.

You & Mark Seymour

My passion is photography, Im never without a camera! It’s all about capturing people, emotions, moments in time and making memories. Travel allows me to connect with the world, and experience the culture and daily life of the people I visit. My workshops give me the opportunity to share my inspiration for travel photography. Why not join me on an adventure and explore the world with your camera.

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