Adventure in Myamar

On the edge of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a stunning, vast country full of rich tradition and beautiful natural sights. A combination of diverse ethnic groups and unspoilt scenery makes exploring Myanmar feel like a living edition of National Geographic.

Myanmar is a rural nation of traditional values, where you will meet the friendliest of locals including women with the most fascinating painted faces and men who spitting blood red juice

The people in these remote locations are super friendly and having led this trip on two previous occasions I can assure you this is the photographic trip of a lifetime. 

We will meet in Yangon photographing for the day and then take a small plane to Myiek, where will stay for a few days before making our way back on a people carrier to Yangon stopping at Dawei, Ye and Mawlamyine, each for a couple of days. I will arrange all the internal transport apart from flights. I'd love you to join this years trip.

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Day 1 Yangon Fish market and town
Day 2 Take Internal Flight to Myiek. Walk around Myiek
Day 3 Early morning start photographing life in Myiek
Day 4 Travel to Dawei
Day 5 Visit the beach at Dawei
Day 6 Dawei Market and train station
Day 7 Travel to Ye
Day 8 Photograph around Ye
Day 9 Travel to local vilages near Ye
Day 10 Travel to Mawlamyine
Day 11 Maylamyine
Day 12 Travel back to Yangon

Please take a look at last years workshop to get a real flavour of the trip – this is not to be missed!

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I am a National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador and have been running professional Street Photography Workshops for 10 years.

My Travel Workshops are small, with a maximum of 7 people. Every day we split into groups of two and meet up regularly, I will spend time with you individually and mix up the groups regularly, so everyone gets a fair share of my time.

I’ll be with the group every step of the way, from when we meet in the morning, through to critique and dinner in the evening.

We will explore techniques including layering, good use of the environment around you, along with introducing compositional elements that will add depth and detail to your photography.

I’ll support you to get close to the action, helping you to overcome fears about approaching strangers.

Together we will develop your skills in photography, processing and editing, helping you to improve all aspects enabling you to create strong and compelling images.

I offer you candid and constructive feedback on a regular basis during the workshop, challenging and stretching you to become a better photographer.

My workshops are immersive, we visit incredible locations, off the beaten track, getting close to people and places, letting you take shoot photographs you have dreamt of.

You’ll come away with a great understanding of street photography and the elements that make up a great street photograph.

You will finish the course with a strong set of images and a small portfolio that captures the place you have visited.

I stay in touch with most course participants and encourage you to take up personal documentary and street projects that are close to you. I also run a public Facebook group called ‘Shoot The Street’, where you are free to upload both your course images and others you may have taken.

We generally start early morning and stay out as long as participants would like and then review our images each evening in a group session. On the first morning of the course we all meet, and I talk through the week ahead, highlighting both what we will be looking for and where we will be going each day. I also provide a small presentation on street photography and techniques we can use to give ourselves an interesting portfolio. I talk about moments, layering, light and working a situation as well as background selection.

Most of my courses are street and travel photography based, with an encouragement to shoot un-posed images containing people with context that shows the viewer an image to tell a story. I encourage the use of prime lenses and shooting light, although if you feel more comfortable with a zoom that’s cool.  Whilst I do take street portraits, this is not the focus of the workshop, but its fine if kept in context. I personally shoot light with just a single body and a 35mm lens which account for over 90% of my photographs.

Prior to the workshop I create a private Facebook group where you will be able to meet and chat to the other participants. I use and recommend hotels that are near to the main locations to be photographed. Quite often these are more budget hotels that locals use, giving a more immersive experience. You can of course make your own accommodation arrangements, but they should be within a short distance.

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