This is not a photography workshop it is a true-life experience and adventure off the tourist track, together we will explore this remote and fascinating location and tribesmen of Nagaland. Nagaland is the northeast state of India bordered by Myanmar, and remains relatively unknown to the western world. You may have seen David Baileys portraits of the tribesmen once reputed for their headhunting.I have worked with my translator and guide for over five years exploring the more remote and unusual parts of India, and he will be with us throughout our trip facilitating our interactions with the local villages and tribes.

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Day 1 Arrive in Gurwhati
Day 2 Photograph the temple and local area Gurwhati
Day 2 PM Depart Gurwhati and stay over in Kazingra National Park ( 5 hr Drive )
Day 3 Early morning safari with Elephants , Rhinos and Wild Dear then
Travel onto Shivisgar stopping to photograph the Maya Tribe ( 4 hour Drive )
Day 4 Enter Nagaland and travel to Mon stopping on route to photograph local villages ( 5 hour drive )
Day 5 Visit Konyak Tribe in Hongphoi late afternoon travel to Longwa ( 2.5 hrs )
Day 6 Visit Longhwa and the Longhwa tribe
Day 7 Travel back to Sivisgar ( 5 hour travel )
Day 8 Travel back to Gurwhati 7 hour travel )
Day 9 Gurwhati Temple re visit

Why go there?

This is a real adventure off the beaten track that we have done before. The people are extremely friendly as the number of tourists they see is absolutely minimal. It’s a chance to spend time up close and personal with some of the last headhunters on the world ( The gave up in 1972 ! ) There will only be 4/5 people on the course, you will have the experience of a lifetime and come back with some truly amazing pictures,

Sold out
  • Full access to all of my work flow, tips on shooting and a regular critique of your images taken on the course .
  • Organisation of the best locations to ensure you maximise your time and know where to go to get great images.
  • Daily critique of your images
  • Full access to myself for all nine days
  • All internal travel and Fixer fees

* It is important to note that the Hotels where we stay in Nagaland are extremely basic although clean. You won’t find them on online so all bookings are made in advance for us all. The cost includes the cost of our guide who is essential to making this trip possible. Most travel in Nagaland will be done by Jeep; the roads are not good but there is no other way at the moment to get to these villages and tribes so be prepared for a bumpy ride.

Ill be with you every step of the way and shoot with everyone on an individual basis as often as allows, we will be capturing day to day street life, where people are not posing for the camera, learning to be aware of the background, situation/context and environment to create complex and interesting pictures. I cover techniques including; layering and micro-composition, and introduce compositional elements that will add depth and detail to take your photography to another level. I’ll point out great shots when were together and help you with getting close to the action and overcoming fears about approaching strangers. You’ll come away with a great understanding of street photography and the elements that make up a great street picture.

All the workshops are small a max of 5 people ensuring I get to maximise my time with everyone on the adventure. Every day we split into small groups ( normally 2 ) and meet up regularly each day so I can mix up the groupings and ensure everyone gets a fair share of my time.

You & Mark Seymour

My passion is photography, Im never without a camera! It’s all about capturing people, emotions, moments in time and making memories. Travel allows me to connect with the world, and experience the culture and daily life of the people I visit. My workshops give me the opportunity to share my inspiration for travel photography. Why not join me on an adventure and explore the world with your camera.

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